Saturday, December 31, 2011


Year 9...
It's gonna sound corny but I was very emo then. Oh you know how it is, your results sucks, your relationship with your family sucks, your love life sucks, things just seem to be going down the drain -sucks blah blah blah blah.

Speaking of mums, Back in year 9, Danny Cheung was very upset about something and I saw him sitting on the silver seats just looking down. And I did my best the squeeze it out of him. Apparently , Just as he about to leave the car, He dropped his sandwich somehow on the car floor, and his Dad/Mum chuck a spaz at him about Picking it up! EAt it ,you dirtbag... Something along those lines. Then he was sad blahblahblah sob, cry and done.

Anyways Back to the more interesting Danny, me. My emotions throughout the year was fluctuating, between happy, sad but mostly confused, Confused about life and the future blahblahlbah. Yeah, I use to think of ‘blablahblah’ a lot at the end of most my thoughts because it think it’s the typical, corny thoughts that just isn’t worth thinking (did that made sense?). Then again, maybe, I was just hiding something from myself.

(Maths 2008-2010)

I remember feeling quite low in maths a couple of times. The first time around was somewhere in year 8 or 9 where I was sitting with Kenny and Elyn and I remember seeing Jessica and Bobina playing around with something at the back of the room. When I saw that, I felt very left out, but I chose to sat here..and I asked myself why? Was it for elyn or ...

Another random moment would be when the office lady brought in my Yum cha lunch at the end of the lesson And also that would be the first time that Stephanie Ngo tried the ..bun boun chien... the thing with the egg and fried noodle LOOL. Anyways in maths, Guess there wasn’t much to do but work and talk to Elyn and Kenny, and Cassandra. But things weren’t that awkward between me and Elyn. ok. Semi awkward. sitting next to your ex. In maths.

Then again I’m unsure if I chose to sit there or did Miss Lal did seating arrangements because I remember sitting next to Elyn and Garry with Cheung and Kenny behind us. Then again we didn’t have her in year 9. Which means I remained sitting there, between Elyn and Kenny, Then moved to back with Jessica and Bobina for time period, then Bobs vanished. Actually, I sat next to Elyn, with a vacant seat next to me THEN kenny moved next to Me, then in year 9 I moved to Jess and Bobs in year 9. Well that was all irrelevant.

Reminds me the time in year 8, we had “maths assignments’ that involved use doing something-related to maths somehow. I did rates of leakage taps in school. I didn’t actually, record leakage of the tap at school because frankly, they weren’t leaking, so I just opened one tap at different rates and applied them to ‘8 taps’. Then I analysed what would happen if this rate continued for days, weeks, months and years. Then I graphed all of it so I had about 52 graphs in the end. Anyways I ended up with OUTSTANDING! Mark. (THE HIGHEST) did Kenny... but he was nobody. Also Mrs Best came in and gave me a $20 gift voucher card for it! That was about one of my most proud moments.

Then I became really sad because I realised I was gay.

Here's to a New Year! CHEERS!

At this time, two years ago, I was so happy on the phone.
This crosses off one Resolution.

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