Monday, June 20, 2011


My mistake. Our first lesson was textile on a Tuesday morning with Ms Yip. Yes, I remember walking into the room and seeing nothing... but the teacher. Entering the classroom, she COMMANDED me to open some windows. In an instant I was scared of her because she didn't say the magic word! And in textiles we pretty much learnt how to sew and use the sewing machine which was quite hard considering she kept giving us earthquakes. I'm kidding...she was fatter.

As it was it the first few days / weeks of school I was still a little agitated. I still kept my eye on Catrina, Emily, Stephanie and Snezana. On a brighter note the two friends I definately remember being with was Danny N and Donovan (weirdly enough) although it was more like me and Donovan were friends with Danny N and then somehow shit happened. I guess I stood around Donovan because
1. he was a classmate
2. he was from same primary
3. He talks.
But honestly I was a intimidated because he was very out-spoken and the 'me' back then was very very shy practically afraid of those people that ... pretty much talk. I wonder why I never decided to hang with my primary friends that actually came to the same high school as well ... I guess I completely forgot about them.

For me that use to be an easy command to follow but eventually it became a bit more light and...comical
Yes, I remember hearing those words, again and again and again and again AND AGAIN. Seriously, Osly got into trouble with EVERY teacher, substitutes included. Even if its the first time we had them. He got into trouble once in maths and had to move his table and sit in the corner by himself ,behind where Catrina sat, and he kept sulking and reply "alright". This was in room A3. Our science lessons were held in E49? ( the room where the door got moved and under the stairs ) Well pretty much Osly became the highlight of science and the 'troublemaker'. Always Osly this and Osly that and "SHUT UP OSLY". We had Mr Bullasack remember him?. Of course we were all in year 7 and we all had to laugh at that name.
My memories getting a bit mixed up between year 7 and 8. From what I remember I sat in the far back corner with the other 2 danny's. We pretty much came up with our own nick for ourselves. THE DANNY BONDS. Nguyen being No.1 , Chueng No.2 , and I was No.3 the last one. Over to our left table was Jessica and Catrina. But I haven't recognise Jessica yet.

Eventually (3weeks in) , the Asian, Tall-as, Slit eyes, anime character joined the 'E' Class. My immediate impression was "Wow, he's our age?" not to mention "Are you sleeping, or are you sleeping?".
Yes I meant Eric Lam!


  1. Reading this while blowdrying my hair, LOL. Man, I seriously miss year 7 and yes, almost everyone was so shy. But LOL at your reaction to 'the new Asian guy.'

  2. LOL "Are you sleeping, or are you sleeping?" LMAOOOOOOOOO